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Angela Resnick
Angela Resnick
Marketing Director

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    Angela Resnick is a highly-accomplished professional in the field of marketing and the current Marketing Director for Darin Tansey based in the vibrant city of Miami Beach, Florida. With an exceptional track record and a passion for the real estate industry, Angela has become a driving force behind the agency’s success.

    Angela possesses a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends. She consistently utilizes her expertise to develop innovative marketing strategies that effectively showcase the agency’s portfolio of luxury properties. Angela’s ability to identify and target the right audience has played a pivotal role in maximizing the exposure and desirability of the agency’s listings.

    Throughout her career, Angela has cultivated strong relationships with various stakeholders in the luxury real estate market, including developers, brokers, and industry influencers. Her extensive network allows her to tap into exclusive opportunities and collaborations, ensuring that Darin maintains a competitive edge in the dynamic Miami Beach market.

    Angela’s creativity and attention to detail are evident in her execution of high-impact marketing campaigns. Whether it’s leveraging digital platforms or curating captivating visual content, she consistently exceeds expectations, setting new standards for luxury real estate marketing in the region.

    Known for her exceptional communication skills and innate ability to build rapport, Angela excels in collaborating with clients to understand their unique needs and aspirations. Angela’s dedication to client satisfaction has earned her a stellar reputation as a trusted advisor and partner in the luxury real estate industry.

    As the Marketing Director for Darin Tansey, Angela continues to make waves in the industry. Through her strategic vision, unwavering dedication, and innovative approach, she plays an instrumental role in elevating Darin’s brand presence and solidifying his position as a trusted name in the luxury real estate market.

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